August 2018

60 silver reflective kites flown at sunset on the riverbank

‘Preliminary Attempts to Rearrange a Sunset’ is a shifting installation in the sky. Everyone is invited to launch a fleet of reflective silver kites between 5pm and 8pm to create a live collage of the sunset as it happens.

On the ground, the kites act as choreographers for the movements of participants, and in the sky, they will be containers of an ever-shifting scene. Specifically, this event takes places in a spot on the river path frequented by painter JMW Turner, as he claimed it was one of the only places where one could see the sun rise over the Thames and set back into it.

May 2018

Bourne Wharf finally finished.

February  2018

January 2018:
Tower at Nine Elms

Tower at Night January 2018

American Embassy now open January 2018

Embassy Now Open 16th January 2018

Sky Pool and American Embassy Moat

Embassy and Sky Pool

Nearly finished refurbishment of William Henry Walk and viewing platform

November: Derricks in place for Tideway tunnel workings under the Thames

November: New Pier opened at Battersea Power Station

New walkway being resurfaced and William Henry Walk refurbishment

Viewing platform taking shape

Tideway tunnel work in full swing

March: Viewing platform under construction

February : The gardens are beginning to look good again, all the trees, plants
and shrubs are in the ground now so we await the sunshine.
: We have commissioned a new plan for the gardens at
Elm Quay Court, planting will take place in early Spring.


We have installed a magnificent compost pit in the West side of the grounds. Please bring your vegetable peelings, fruit peelings, old flowers, tea bags, coffee grounds, egg shells – but NO foods or anything with flour in it because we don’t want rats.
Any offers/suggestions please let me know at the above email address
If you would like to hear more about our activities please let me have your email address please contact Anton or email